Wheel Sections

Special Steel Sections supply quality wheel sections to customers' drawings and steel specifications with full traceability.

Since 1985 when the first wheel section was rolled at Special Steel Sections, they have been one of our major areas of production. We have continued to develop and produce new sections, currently offering 38 different side ring and lockring sections to our worldwide customer base, including customers in America, Asia, India and Scandinavia.

Special Steel Sections also produce Gibson retainer rings, used to hold the steel tyre in place on G.W.R train wheels, and we were also involved in the design and production of a one off order for an old Dunlop type lockrim section for wheels fitted on vintage cars such as the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

Finished sections can be supplied in long lengths, or stacked and sawn into individual wheel lengths to suit the customer requirements. Export orders can be wrapped if required.