Special Sections

Special Steel Sections is one of the world market leaders in the production of hot rolled small steel profiles. 

Our hand operated eight-inch double duo mill, fed by a four stand automated roughing sequence gives an unrivalled flexibility to supply small volume high quality orders to our valued customers. We have produced in excess of 650 different sections that have found their way into industries such as; automotive, engineering, agricultural, building and tool production all over the world.

Our employees have gained vast experience and expertise in the art of rolling steel sections. With in-house design capabilities we can work from your drawings or a sample if required to produce a section that meets your requirements, and if it is a new project we will always be happy to help and advise you.

As a general guide, the following range of profile weights/sizes can be manufactured on the Special Steel Sections rolling mill.

Weight: 0.25 kg/m to 4 kg/m

Width: 8 mm to 50 mm

Thickness: 2 mm to 23 mm

Length: up to 9 m