Special Steel Sections is equipped with a multitude of downstream processing equipment and where we are unable to provide a required service we will contract out the necessary work. Typical secondary processing services offered include the following:

Cutting to Length

We are continually investing in new cutting facilities although our current semi-automatic saws are capable of cutting all sizes that we manufacture in bundle form. We can also offer individual marking and identification as well as bundling into kit form to enable you to process the steel more efficiently.


Many of the products we manufacture are not uniform in shape and therefore susceptible to bending as the material cools. To overcome this problem Special Steel Sections can roller straighten the material in the cold condition to provide material with a perfect level of straightness.


With 70% of goods exported Special Steel Sections is very experienced in providing export solutions. At our Ettingshall works we can export mark material and wrap the goods for added protection whilst in transit. We also have the ability to stuff containers in our own warehouse and this will always ensure that our material meets our clients in an excellent condition.


For any advice about special steel profiles, please don't hesitate to call on our extensive knowledge. If we are unable to supply or advise we will always try to put you in touch with the right people.


All our raw material is bought from steel plants that hold the appropriate accreditation and certification standards. Throughout each stage of the manufacturing process our material is thoroughly inspected and all our systems are also geared to ensure that our customers get precisely the right quality of steel.

Bundle Wrapping

Special Steel Sections has developed a very useful tried and tested lightweight protective bundle wrapping system to protect against surface contamination for the customer who needs to maintain the as rolled surface condition.

Pickle and Oiling

Material is normally supplied in the dry as rolled state. However for applications where a clean lubricated steel is required we can offer material that is pickled in an acid bath and then protected with an oil coating.


We pledge to give all our customers the best value for money in the steel industry. We are continually working to reduce prices through a world search for lower priced raw material and improvements to our own operating systems to maximize efficiency.


Most of our haulage is contracted out to a local haulage company that is very knowledgeable of our logistical requirements and works with us closely to ensure that all our customers are provided with an excellent delivery service.

Credit Facilities

Subject to some simple credit information, we will be able to open an account in your name making it easier for you to buy your steel requirements from us.


We are proud of our friendly, cheerful approach and our reputation for making the customer's job as easy as possible. You can depend on us to provide the service you need.