Pure Iron

Pure Iron, with a minimum Fe content of 99.85%, without the addition of alloy elements was first developed in 1909 by the former American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO).

It has many different characteristics including improved resistance to corrosion and oxidation; excellent magnetic properties; high chemical and metallurgical purity; excellent hot and cold forming capability; and it is suitable for all types of welding.

Pure Iron is largely used in the production of relatively small volumes of special alloy steels, in the aviation, automotive, construction, petrochemical industries, and in the manufacture of magnets, gaskets, fuse wire, welding rods, lighting conductors and MRI scanners.

In France, Pure Iron has become the preferred material for the restoration of wrought ironwork, with Special Steel Sections supplying blacksmiths for restoration projects such as Sauvigny-Le-Bois Castle, near Avallon.

More and more British blacksmiths are choosing Pure Iron for restoration, new build, and artwork. Special Steel Sections hold large stocks of flats, rounds, squares, octagons and sheet in many different sizes,with the capability to produce special and bespoke sections if required. At Special Steel Sections no order is too small, we can supply a single bar or just one tonne.

Re-rolled on our mill in the West Midlands, our raw material is of British origin, offers full cast and analysis and has full traceability. Below is a typical cast analysis of our bar and sheet Pure Iron:


  Cast No. C % S % P % Mn % Cr % Mo % Ni %
Bar 292885 0.004 0.006 0.005 0.150 0.009 0.002 0.018
Sheet 727271 0.001 0.003 0.005 0.050 0.015 0.002 0.013