Since 1982 when the company was founded our name has been synonymous with the manufacture of horseshoe sections.

We have amassed a vast knowledge and expertise in the development and rolling of horseshoe sections. Working with established manufacturers and world famous farriers, Special Steel Sections has produced over 100 different sizes and sections, including; the full range of British and European fullered concave, fullered and concave flats along with more specialised special sections like the 18 mm x 8 mm trotting, 16 mm x 8 mm polo, 16 mm x 8 mm & 15 mm x 7 mm steel trainer and the 1½” x ½ ” Shire horse show shoes.

Supplying to British and European horseshoe manufacturers and exporting bar all round the world, Special Steel Sections has gained a worldwide reputation for reliability and quality. We offer high quality British material, which is fully traceable and comes with full cast and analysis.