About Us

Special Steel Sections is one of Europe's leading producers of bespoke special steel profiles, steel sections and complex shapes, manufacturing in excess of 10,000 tonnes every year for distribution all around the world.

By using a combination of automated production and manual hand rolling the company has established a niche in the market place whereby it can produce small batches of special sizes in an extremely efficient manner. By comparison, today's modern, fully automated, continuous rolling mills are designed for large, high volume production runs where size changing and set up time is slow, expensive and therefore, prohibitive.

Special Steel Sections (formerly Legg Brothers) was incorporated in 1982 and the business has undergone several changes and moves to facilitate its expansion. Today it is located in the industrial heartlands of the UK at Ettingshall, West Midlands.

Throughout the company's long-standing existence, Special Steel Sections has always remained a profitable concern and operates as a private company with the owners actively involved in the business.

Today Special Steel Sections creates the steel for 90% of Britain's horseshoes and after beating off competition from two French companies the mill crafts the intricate steel used in virtually all steel window shutters in France. The company also rolls a channel profile that is used in such diverse markets as wheels for horse-drawn carriages and lawn mower blades that are adopted by most of the renowned lawnmower brands.

Other steel products range from basic small angles to form frames for tropical fish tanks to the most complicated lockring sections that lock together the piece built wheels that are typically used on earthmover vehicles.

Special Steel Sections will always pride itself on the quality of products that it manufactures and the business remains true to its longstanding motto "THE FAMILY BUSINESS THAT CARES" and thanks all its loyal customers for their continued support.